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In-State Firms Applying for DBE/ACDBE Certification -OR- Out of State Firms Applying for DBE/ACDBE Certification that Are Opting Out of the Interstate Certification Process

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification program is a Federal program. The purpose is to increase the participation of certified DBEs in projects funded by the US Department of Transportation and other federal sectors. Projects typically include heavy construction, such as building and designing roads, bridges, railroads, ports, and airports.

The Program is governed by the U.S. Federal Regulations in 49 CFR Parts 26 and 23.

The Virginia Unified Certification Program includes two certifying agencies:

  • The Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (DSBSD)
  • The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)

There is no need to submit an application to both agencies. Federal DBE certification by either agency is fully accepted throughout Virginia.

If you plan to participate in the procurement process with one of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s state agencies that does not receive federal transportation funds, you need to apply for SWaM certification, not DBE certification. To apply for SWaM certification, please click here.

The DBE certification process differs depending on if you are an in-state or out-of-state firm.

All DBE applications and documents must now be submitted electronically by uploading via the new application system:

The DBE/ACDBE Certification process has several steps:

  1. Complete the DBE/ACDBE Uniform Certification Application Form, and the Personal Net Worth Statement, found below:
  2. Get the Application Form (Affidavit of Certification) and the Personal Net Worth Statement notarized.
  3. Collect copies of the Required Supporting Documentation, found at the end of the DBE/ACDBE Application form. Please be aware that SBSD requires some documents for DBE/ACDBE certification that either do not appear on the Supporting Documents Checklist, or that are shown as optional documents on the Supporting Documents Checklist at the end of the DBE/ACDBE Application form. The following are those documents:
    • All business owners relied on to qualify the applicant firm for DBE/ACDBE certification must submit a copy of their government-issued photo ID (i.e., Driver’s license, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Certificate of Naturalization, etc.). If a Driver’s License is submitted as opposed to one of the other government-issued photo IDs from the aforementioned list, then the Birth Certificate must also be submitted
    • SBSD requires that the last three years of audited financial statements, if available –OR– the last three years’ year-end balance sheets and year-end income statements be submitted. If the firm is a new business, a current balance sheet should be submitted
    • Federal personal taxes must include ALL W-2s, 1099s, etc. used to complete the taxes in order to be a complete copy of the return
    • If you are an out of state firm that chooses to opt out of the Interstate Process, whether because you cannot obtain a complete copy of your home state application file, or for some other reason, you must, in addition to all of the above documents, also submit a letter that is signed and dated by the owner and stating that the firm is opting out of the Interstate Process. In this case, the letter should still be uploaded to the space for the DBE Interstate Certification Affidavit, and your application will be processed as if it were an in-state new applicant, with the exception that a copy of the onsite report will be obtained from your home state. Please find an Interstate Opt Out Letter template which you can complete here:
  4. Refer to the instructions in the first paragraph of the DBE Document Checklist for which documents to upload to the correct upload space (Upload the Interstate Opt Out Letter, if applicable, to the upload space for DBE Interstate Certification Affidavit). The Checklist is below:
  5. After reading over the sections relevant to you on how to use the Application Portal, click on the link below to go to the Application Portal:
  6. Once we have a complete file, we will arrange for an Onsite Visit to your company, or if your firm is an out of state firm that has opted out of the Interstate Certification Process, we will request a copy of your firm’s onsite from your home state.

If you’re not on the right DBE page, return to the initial DBE page here: DBE.

For a step by step of how to use the Certification Application Portal, see the Instructions .pdf at the page here: Application Portal Instructions.

If you need assistance in applying for DBE/ACDBE certification or submitting the DBE/ACDBE annual submission requirement documents, please contact one of our regional offices for appointments with one of the Transportation Business Development Specialists. Click here for office contact information.


DBE Information and Regulations

Additional Information and Regulations Governing DBE is below.

VDOT requires prospective bidders to be prequalified for all construction and maintenance contracts. The contractor prequalification is also necessary for subcontractors.

Title 49 – Transportation, Part 26 – Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Department of Transportation Financial Assistance Programs.

Request for copies of DBE file by Company Owner.

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