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Annual Submission Requirement for Currently Approved DBE/ACDBEs


Once you are certified as a DBE, you are required to submit, annually, the following documents to our office prior to your anniversary date. We aspire to send all certified vendors an email reminder 120 days prior to your anniversary date. However, this is not always possible and should not be relied upon. We strongly recommend that your DBE anniversary date be added to your internal company calendar to keep track of the date by which your annual update is due. Please keep your email address current with us.

The documents required for the DBE/ACDBE annual submission are below:

  1. If there are no changes, please submit the Virginia Unified Certification Program Affidavit of No Change form.
    • If there have been material changes (circumstances affecting firm’s ability to meet size, disadvantaged status, ownership, or control requirements of the DBE/ACDBE program, or if the firm is requesting to change its NAICS codes (whether requesting additional NAICS code(s), requesting to have NAICS code(s) removed, or requesting changes to NAICS code(s) it already has), then instead of the No Change form, then INSTEAD submit the DBE/ACDBE Notice of Change Affidavit
  2. Last year’s signed and dated Federal business taxes for your firm and ALL affiliates. If your firm and/or any affiliates’ taxes are filed under your personal taxes, then the signed and dated Federal personal taxes must be submitted as well. Please do not send State tax returns. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you missed one or more annual submissions in recent years, then you may need to submit more than the most recent year’s taxes. In that case, you may also need to submit the taxes for the annual submissions you missed so that your file includes at least the most recent three years’ taxes.
      • We always expect vendor’s to submit the most recent tax returns for the firm and any affiliates (or in the case of new applicants, also for the disadvantaged owner(s)). What we consider the most recent tax return is based on if the taxes are due to the IRS yet. Therefore, for firms submitting in January, February, March, and up until approximately mid-April, those taxes are for the tax year two years prior, whereas for firms submitting on or after approximately mid-April through December, those taxes are for the previous year.
        • For example: If annual documents are being submitted on February 20, 2020, the most recent taxes would be for tax year 2018. The table below should provide illustrative guidance to you to assist with determining what taxes are required to be submitted with the DBE/ACDBE annual submission:
          • Current date of annual submission being submitted Tax year required
            January 2020 2018
            February 2020 2018
            March 2020 2018
            April 1 thru approximately April 15th (dependent on IRS Tax Due Day) 2020 2018
            April 16 (dependent on IRS Tax Due Day) thru April 30 2020 2019
            May 2020 2019
            June 2020 2019
            July 2020 2019
            August 2020 2019
            September 2020 2019
            October 2020 2019
            November 2020 2019
            December 2020 2019
      • Please note that this is based on the date of submission to us, not necessarily  the anniversary due date, unless the documents are actually submitted on the anniversary due date. If you have any questions, please contact us.
      • If you filed an extension for the most recent tax year, you MUST submit all of the following:
        • The IRS extension form for the most recent tax year that is on extension
        • The year-end income statement (also sometimes called the Profit & Loss Statement) of the year that is on extension
        • AND the tax returns for the three years prior to the tax year that is on extension

The DBE/ACDBE Annual Submission process has several steps:

  1. Complete the Virginia Unified Certification Program Affidavit of No Change form from above
  2. Get the DBE No Change form notarized
  3. Collect copies of the DBE Annual Submission Documentation from above
  4. For a step by step of how to use the Certification Application Portal, see the Instructions .pdf at the page here: Application Portal Instructions. You do NOT need to read through the entire .pdf as many sections may not be applicable to you. Clicking on a section in the Table of Contents in the .pdf will take you directly to whichever relevant section you need. Here are the headings for sections most relevant to DBE certification:
    • Launch of the New Application Portal
    • Old Application System vs. New Application Portal
    • Registering and Logging into the New Application Portal
    • I Need to Start the SWaM/DBE Application or Recertification Process for an Application that is Not Already in My Application Queue
    • Respond to a Document Request that Asks You to Upload the Requested Documents
    • Applying for DBE/ACDBE Certification
    • Submitting the Annual Submission Requirement for Currently-Approved DBEs Documents
    • Submitting the Notification of Change Requirement for Currently Approved DBEs Documents
  5. After reading over the sections relevant to you on how to use the Application Portal, click on the link below to go to the Application Portal:

If you’re not on the right DBE page, please start by answering no more than four multiple choice questions, and we will use your responses to direct you to the DBE page with the DBE/ACDBE information and forms relevant to your specific and current needs and circumstances. It should only take about one minute or less to answer these four (or less) questions:

If you need assistance in applying for DBE/ACDBE certification or submitting the DBE/ACDBE annual submission requirement documents, please contact one of our regional offices for appointments with one of the Transportation Business Development Specialists. Click here for office contact information.

DBE Information and Regulations

Additional Information and Regulations Governing DBE is below.

VDOT requires prospective bidders to be prequalified for all construction and maintenance contracts. The contractor prequalification is also necessary for subcontractors.

Title 49 – Transportation, Part 26 – Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Department of Transportation Financial Assistance Programs.

Request for copies of DBE file by Company Owner.


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