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Agency Compliance list for SWaM Plan and Executive Order 35. You can search by Agency Code, Agency Abbreviation or Agency Name.

Agency NameAgency CodeAgency AbbreviationSecretariat Area NameSWaM Plan RequiredExecutive Order 35 Mandate
Magistrate System103JudicialNONO
Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority999ABCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityNONO
Augusta Correctional Center754ACCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Corrections--Central Activities799ActivePublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Baskerville Correctional Center761BACCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Board of Bar Examiners233BBEJudicialNONO
Bland Correctional Center718BCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Board of Accountancy226BOAFinanceYESYES
Blue Ridge Community College291BRCCEducationYESYES
Buckingham Correctional Center749BUCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council957CASCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Court of Appeals of Virginia125CAVJudicialNONO
Compensation Board157CBAdministrationYESYES
Commonwealth Center for Children and Adolescents708CCCAHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Circuit Courts113CCVJudicialNONO
Combined District Courts116CDCJudicialNONO
Catawba Hospital724CHHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Christopher Newport University242CNUEducationYESYES
Office of Children's Services Act (Children's Services Act)200CSAHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Central State Hospital703CSHHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Central Virginia Community College292CVCCEducationYESYES
Coffeewood Correctional Center773CWCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
The College of William and Mary204CWMEducationYESYES
Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services262DARSHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services720DBHDSHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired702DBVIHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Danville Community College279DCCEducationYESYES
Department of Criminal Justice Services140DCJSPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Conservation and Recreation199DCRNatural ResourcesYESYES
Department of Emergency Management127DEMPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Environmental Quality440DEQNatural ResourcesYESYES
Deerfield Correctional Center753DFCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Fire Programs960DFPPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Forensic Science778DFSPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of General Services194DGSAdministrationYESYES
Department of Housing and Community Development165DHCDCommerce and TradeYESYES
Department of Health Professions223DHPHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Department of Historic Resources423DHRNatural ResourcesYESYES
Department of Human Resource Management129DHRMAdministrationYESYES
Department of Juvenile Justice777DJJPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Military Affairs123DMAVeterans and Defense AffairsYESYES
Department of Medical Assistance Services602DMASHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
State Farm Correctional Center752DMCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy409DMMECommerce and TradeYESYES
Department of Motor Vehicles154DMVTransportationYESYES
Department of Accounts151DOAFinanceYESYES
Department of Aviation841DOAVTransportationYESYES
Department of Corrections799DOCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Division of Community Corrections767DOC / DCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Corrections--Training Academy & Human Resources742DOC-ERTPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Corrections--Institutions795DOC-IPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Corrections--Central Administration701DOC/CAPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Virginia Correctional Enterprises711DOC/CEPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Corrections--Division of Institutions756DOC/DIPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Department of Education201DOE / COOEducationYESYES
Department of Forestry411DOFAgriculture and ForestryYESYES
Department of Labor and Industry181DOLILaborYESYES
Department of Planning and Budget122DPBFinanceYESYES
Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation222DPORLaborYESYES
Department of Rail and Public Transportation505DRPTTransportationYESYES
Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity350DSBSDCommerce and TradeYESYES
Dabney S. Lancaster Community College287DSLCCEducationYESYES
Department of Social Services765DSSHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Department of Veterans Services912DVSVeterans and Defense AffairsYESYES
Dillwyn Correctional Center770DWCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

Formerly Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Formerly DGIF
Natural ResourcesYESYES
Department of Elections132ELECTAdministrationYESYES
Eastern Shore Community College284ESCCEducationYESYES
Eastern State Hospital704ESHHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Eastern Virginia Medical School274EVMSEducationNONO
Frontier Culture Museum239FCMV EducationYESYES
Fort Monroe Authority360FMACommerce and TradeYESYES
Fluvanna Women's Correctional Center743FWCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Germanna Community College 297GCCEducationYESYES
General District Courts114GDCJudicialNONO
Gunston Hall417GHEducationYESYES
George Mason University247GMUEducationYESYES
Office of the Governor121GOVExecutive OfficesYESYES
Green Rock Correctional Center776GRCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Greensville Correctional Center769GVCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Haynesville Correctional Center772HCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Hiram Davis Medical Center748HDMCHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Indian Creek Correctional Center771ICCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Indigent Defense Commission848IDCJudicialNONO
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Authority (CIT)934IEIACommerce and TradeNONO
Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts115JDRCJudicialNONO
Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission112JIRCJudicialNONO
James Madison University216JMUEducationYESYES
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College283JSRCCEducationYESYES
John Tyler Community College290JTCCEducationYESYES
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation425JYFEducationYESYES
Keen Mountain Correctional Center768KMCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Lunenburg Correctional Center774LCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Lord Fairfax Community College298LFCCEducationYESYES
Lieutenant Governor119LTGOVExecutive OfficesYESYES
Longwood University214LUEducationYESYES
The Library Of Virginia202LVAEducationYESYES
Marion Correctional Center747MCTCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Mountain Empire Community College299MECCEducationYESYES
Marine Resources Commission402MRCNatural ResourcesYESYES
Motor Vehicle Dealer Board506MVDBTransportationYESYES
Nottoway Correctional Center745NCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
New College Institute938NCIEducationYESYES
New River Community College275NRCCEducationYESYES
Norfolk State University213NSUEducationYESYES
Northern Virginia Community College280NVCCEducationYESYES
Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute728NVMHIHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Attorney General and Department of Law141OAGExecutive OfficesYESYES
Old Dominion University221ODUEducationYESYES
Online Network Authority244ONAEducationNONO
Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry193OSAFAgriculture and ForestryYESYES
Office of the State Inspector General147OSIGExecutive OfficesYESYES
Paul D. Camp Community College277PDCCCEducationYESYES
Piedmont Geriatric Hospital729PGHHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Patrick Henry Community College285PHCCEducationYESYES
Pocahontas Correctional Center775PSCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Piedmont Virginia Community College282PVCCEducationYESYES
Richard Bland College241RBCEducationYESYES
Rappahannock Community College 278RCCEducationYESYES
Roanoke Higher Education Center935RHEAEducationNONO
River North Correctional Center785RNCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Red Onion State Prison741ROSPPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Radford University217RUEducationYESYES
St. Brides Correctional Center737SBCCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center922SBVCCVeterans and Defense AffairsYESYES
State Corporation Commission171SCCIndependent AgenciesYESNO
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia245SCHEVEducationYESYES
Secretary of Commerce and Trade192SCTCommerce and TradeYESYES
Southeastern Virginia Training Center723SEVTCHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Secretary of Finance190SFINFinanceYESYES
Secretary of Health and Human Resources188SHHRHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Sussex I State Prison733SICCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Sussex II State Prison734SIICCPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
The Science Museum of Virginia146SMVEducationYESYES
Secretary of Natural Resources183SNRNatural ResourcesYESYES
Secretary of Administration180SOAAdministrationYESYES
Secretary of the Commonwealth166SOCExecutive OfficesYESYES
Secretary of Education185SOEEducationYESYES
Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security187SPSHSPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Secretary of Transportation186STOTransportationYESYES
Supreme Court111SUPCTJudicialNoNO
Southside Virginia Community College276SVCCEducationYESYES
Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs454SVDAVeterans and Defense AffairsYESYES
Southern Virginia Higher Education Center937SVHECEducationYESYES
Southern Virginia Mental Health Institute739SVMHIHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center948SWHECEducationYESYES
Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute705SWMHIHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Southwest Virginia Community College294SWVCCEducationYESYES
Department of Taxation161TAXFinanceYESYES
Tidewater Community College295TCCEducationYESYES
Department of the Treasury152TDFinanceYESYES
Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission851TICRCommerce and TradeYESYES
Thomas Nelson Community College293TNCCEducationYESYES
University of Mary Washington215UMWEducationYESYES
University of Virginia's College at Wise246UVA / CWEducationYESYES
University of Virginia207UVA/ADEducationYESYES
University of Virginia Medical Center209UVAHEducationYESYES
Agricultural Council307VACAgriculture and ForestryNONO
Virginia Lottery172VALIndependent AgenciesYESNO
Virginia Board for People with Disabilities606VBPDHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Virginia Commission for the Arts148VCAEducationYESYES
Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation794VCBRHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Virginia Community College System260VCCSEducationYESYES
Virginia Community College System - Shared Services Center270VCCS / SSCEducationYESYES
Virginia Community College System-Central Office261VCCS-COEducationYESYES
Virginia Correctional Center for Women716VCCWPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission160VCSCJudicialNONO
Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority509VCSFATransportationNONO
Virginia College Savings Plan174VCSPIndependent AgenciesYESNO
Virginia Commonwealth University236VCU/ADEducationYESYES
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services301VDACSAgriculture and ForestryYESYES
Department for the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing751VDDHHHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Department of Health601VDHHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Department of Transportation501VDOTTransportationYESYES
Virginia Employment Commission182VECLaborYESYES
Virginia Economic Development Partnership310VEDPCommerce and TradeYESYES
Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth852VFHYHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Virginia Highlands Community College296VHCCEducationYESYES
Virginia Institute of Marine Science268VIMSEducationYESYES
Virginia Information Technologies Agency136VITAAdministrationYESYES
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts238VMFAEducationYESYES
Virginia Military Institute211VMIEducationYESYES
Virginia Museum of Natural History942VMNHEducationYESYES
Virginia Port Authority407VPATransportationNONO
Virginia Parole Board766VPBPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Cooperative Extension229VPISU / CEEducationYESYES
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University208VPISU / IDEducationYESYES
Virginia Passenger Rail Authority522VPRATransportationNONO
Virginia Resources Authority972VRAFinanceYESYES
Virginia Racing Commission405VRCAgriculture and ForestryYESYES
Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired263VRCBVIHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Virginia Retirement System158VRSIndependent AgenciesYESNO
Virginia State Bar117VSBJudicialNONO
Virginia School for Deaf and Blind at Staunton218VSDBEducationYESYES
Veterans Services Foundation913VSFVeterans and Defense AffairsYESYES
Virginia State Police156VSPPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Virginia State University212VSUEducationYESYES
Virginia Tourism Authority320VTACommerce and TradeYESYES
Virginia Veterans Care Center128VVCCVeterans and Defense AffairsYESYES
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission191VWCIndependent AgenciesYESYES
Virginia Western Community College286VWCCEducationYESYES
Wytheville Community College288WCCEducationYESYES
Western Region Correctional Field Units757WRCFUPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Wallens Ridge State Prison735WRSPPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityYESYES
Western State Hospital706WSHHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center203WWRCHealth and Human ResourcesYESYES
Virginia State University Cooperative Extension234xxEducationYESYES
Higher Education Research Initiative989zzEducationNONO

On July 3, 2019, The Honorable Ralph S. Northam , Virginia’s 73nd Governor, signed into effect Executive Order Number 35, for the purpose of
“Advancing Equity for Virginia’s Small, Women, and Minority Owned (SWaM)  and Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses.”
For the Press Release, click here
For the full text of Executive Order 35, click here
Executive Order 35 rescinds and replaces Executive Order 20 (2014), signed into effect  On July 22, 2014,
by The Honorable Terence R. McAuliffe, Virginia’s 72nd Governor.
For the full text of Executive Order 20click here

Our primary work in this agency is focused on accomplishing this goal by utilizing tools to build the capacity of SWaM businesses and to assist in facilitating capital solutions that fund business development and expansion. In the New Virginia Economy, we want to grow sustainable enterprises that create jobs and become wealth builders.

101 N. 14th Street, 11th Floor Richmond, VA 23219
1(804) 786-6585